Caring for Jews in Need


"Kol Israel Arevim Ze BaZe"; "All Jews are responsible for one another". This is one of the imperatives of Jewish life. Whether these are Jews in war areas, the victims of Natural disasters or affected by economic downturns, the Federation is there to provide support.

Locally, we help people seeking employment or people who cannot afford to pay their utilities or their rent. Our Jewish Family Service is there to provide a local support network.

Ensuring the Jewish Future


"As my parents planted a tree for me, I will plant a tree for my children". The idea of securing Jewish institutions for future generations and to promote the education of the younger generations in the Ethics and coustoms of our people is as old as Judaism itself.

The Jewish Federation spearheaded and coordinates the efforts of Life and Legacy, a Harold Grinspoon Foundation National effort to secure the financial future of Jewish life in the CSRA region. Through this program, we secure endowments and legacies to support each and every Jewish organization in our region.

Engaging in Our Community


Jews have lived in the CSRA region since the early XIX Century, and have been active and prolific contributors to the life of the Central Savannah River in the Arts, the Professions, the Governance and the Education in our area.

Today, through the Community Relations Council of the Augusta Jewish Federation, we provide a common voice for our community in a variety of areas affecting us as Jews and as Americans. Whether it is incidents of Anti Semitism, Advocacy for Israel, Public Education or anything else, the Community Relations Council (CRC) is there to make our common voice heard.