What to expect of a Biden Administration

Leaving aside partisanship, I will try to tell you what I believe we can expect from a Biden Administration based on what we know so far. 

Biden himself, as a Senator for Delaware, is a good friend of the Jewish community in his home state and a strong advocate of taking measures against Anti Semitism. He also has a posiitve history with Benjamin Netanyahu and with Benny Gantz. He will, however, probably insist that Israel stop Settlement expansion while accepting as a consumated act that some of the settlement blocks are going to eventually be absorbed by Israel. He is unlikely to take the Embassy back to Tel-Aviv or roll back the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, but he will probably introduce a distinction between West and East Jerusalem. He is supportive of the International Defintion on Anti Semitism and an opponent of BDS.

Kamala Harris was Attorney General in California an enjoyed a friendly relationship with the local Jewish community. Her mother is of Hindu descent and her father of Jamaican descent. She is an activist for African-American rights as well as LGTBQ. She is on record as supporting Israel, and is married to Doug Emhoff, who is Jewish.

Incoming Chief of Staff Ron Klain is a Jew from Indianapolis and a lawyer. He served under the Obama administration in the Ebola Response Team.

Incoming Secretary of State Anthony Blinken served under Clinton in the State Department as well as on the National Security Council; he also served under Obama as Deputy Secretary of State. He belongs to a family of US Diplomats and lived for some years in France. He also worked with his father in fundraisers for Michael Dukakis, and served under Bush as Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Commitee and invested heavily in the Israeli High Tech sector. He is Jewish.

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen is a former Chair of the Federal Reserve and was chair of the Council of Economic Advisers under Clinton. She is Jewish.

Given the track record of all these top-ranking nominees for Biden's Cabinet, and their Jewish credentials, we can expect a Biden Administration which will probably step-up the fight against Anti Semitism, will have a friendly (if more nuanced) relationship with Israel; it will probably work on a reapproach to Europe and build on the recent agreements between Israel and some Arab countries. Military and Technological cooperation with Israel will remain strong if not stronger. It will not have the same feel of "perfect alignment" with the policies of the Netanyahu Administration as the Trump Administration has, but it will likely support Israel at the UN and other international fora. It will also, very possibly, take a harder stand against Islamic Extremism particularly in College campuses.

All of this is, of course, speculation at this point - but the track record of the top officials in the incoming Administration make these specualations a good guess...



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