We're going to the polls - what will you choose?

And the elections are upon us. Since talking politics these days is an invitation to a fight, like most people I stay away from questions like "Who are you voting for"?

This elections are taking the idea of polarizations and dirty fighting to completely new levels. But if we cannot discuss the candidates' position on issues that affect all of us... what are we choosing? More important, WHY are we choosing?

One thing I will be choosing is to finally get rid of all the junk email and junk texts I keep receiving every day telling me why to vote for one of the candidates makes me a traitor to America while voting for the other will hasten the coming (or second coming in you're Christian) of the Messiah. I will be choosing to focus more on helping people, those affected by the Pandemics as well as those who were in trouble before it to begin with. I will be choosing to work with others to preserve a vibrant Jewish life in the CSRA. While I'm choosing to do all the above even today, the differenhce is that I will be able to put behind this ugly political Campaign.

Something more important we will all be choosing is to support the American political system, with all its warts still the "least bad of the systems" around. We will be choosing to reaffirm the Covenant first made by the Founding Fathers to protect the individual rights of each of the citizens of this country. We will be choosing to protect our right to speak out whenever we disagree with a government decision; our right to speak out for the causes we fell strongly about. I, personally, will be voting for a chance to restore a civil discourse in political life.

All of us will be voting for something far more important: For Democracy, that "American Experiment" over 240 years old that keeps suprising friends and foes with its resilience, its strength and yes, its follies. ADD YOUR VOICE - BLOW IN THE WIND! - VOTE!!

Stay Safe-Stay Healthy- Stay Connected.


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