Polls are over... now what?

November 3rd came and went; as usual results take a while and in this particular case what we do know is too close to call. For months, we have been subjected to a polarizing aggressive climate. I don't know you, but I even feared picking up phone calls because of all the political solicitations I received; not to mention texts, emails and even "snail mail" viciously attacking one side or the other. The votes are cast... what now?

We have already been hearing about legal challenges to the results, especially in places that were highly contested. This brings to mind the 2000 election. Do you remember it? The final result depended on the results from Florida, and the Democratic Party demanded a recount. After the issue dragged on for a couple of weeks, Al Gore went public conceding the election to Bush "for the good of the country". In other words, he fought it but also recognized when it was time to call it quits rather than extending the period of uncertainty.

These elections offer more than one "Florida". Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona are too close to call; in all cases a difference of less than 2 percent (0.4 % in the case of Georgia as of 11/5). We are probably in for a period of uncertainty. I hope that as the numbers from all these States become clearer, whoever is the loser will have the stature to accept it and allow the country to go back to the business of living a normal life (or whatever passes for normal in these COVID days)

It is time overdue to leave behind confrontation; to cooperate to heal the deep divides in our society. What made America the superpower it is today has been the ability to work together pass our differences. Truth be told, our elected officials many times did the right thing after they tried everything else... but they always recognized when it was necessary to put aside posturing and partisanship and work together for the betterment of our Great American Experiment.

We are at a crossroads. I was born in a society that, when confronted with a similar crossroads, chose confrontation and it is suffering from that choice even today, 75 years later.

An old joke told in Argentina says that when God was creating the World, the angels approached him and complained: My Lord, why are you putting so much of the most fertile land, the richest mineral deposits, and such abundance of water all in the Southern tip of America? To which God responded: "Don't worry, I will level the field; I will fill it out with Argentineans". I whole heartedly hope this joke will never be told about the United States...



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