Not Me!

I remember when I was a child my parents joking by saying that if I didn't do something (usually bad), it must have been "El Fantasmita Juan", Argentinian equivalent of "The Not Me Ghost" - as when we want to deny any responsibility for something. Politicians of all stripes are very good at the "Not Me" game; it only takes to recall Nixon or Clinton to ge the idea.

How often, these days, you connect with a customer support person and you ask for something and the answer you receive is also "Not Me", as in "call somebody else" or "let me check and get back to you" or "let me connect you with a supervisor"? Passing the buckett is indeed a contemporary form of "Not Me".

It also happens in organizations. The "Not Me" approach is indeed very useful when confronted with problems we prefer to deny responsibility for or plainly refuse to acknowledge. Unfortunately, this happens a lot, and the result is unsolved problems that drag for years until somebody finds a good way to put the blame on somebody else...

The current COVID-19 pandemic has been used to justify all kind of problems, when in fact many of them predate COVID and will likely continue after COVID. 

I think it is time we take a page from Harry Truman... and forcefully proclaim "The buck stops here" - Just my two cents.




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