As we move forward on the future of the AJCC

Over the last few months we have been engaged in a long and complicated process to gather all the information we will need to define the future direction of the AJCC. I wish to first thank all of you who participated in the process and shared with us your ideas, your expectations, and even your feelings about the AJCC.

The final report on the findings has already been presented to the Board of Directors of the AJCC, and it will be shared with the community shortly. We have finished the first, and more complicated, step of the process.

We will now embark in the steps to follow: 

- Expanding the description of the options we have

- Evaluating the options in the light of the findings included in the report

- Defining which of the option(s) should be on the table for the Board to decide on

- Board decision on the option to follow

- Development of the business plan necessary to implement that option

- Development of a marketing campaign for the Center based on the business plan

- Final implementation

We are hoping to reach the final implementation by the end of this year, and we will need the support of all of you. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me at

The challenges and decisions ahead will probably be difficult, but securing the future of the AJCC, which has played a central role in the CSRA Jewish community for 166 years, is worth it. We will secure that future for the next 166 years... TOGETHER. Thank you and Shanah Tovah



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