2020 was a test of endurance; 2021 is a test of patience

Let us recap: In 2020 we got hit by a global  Coronavirus pandemic; we went through one of the most destructive political campaigns in living memory; the economy tanked seriously because of the pandemic, leaving many out of work; global temperatures continued to rise; racial tensions boiled over into violent street demonstrations; police violence made front pages; antisemitism is on the rise - am I leaving anything out?... Yet here we are, still kicking. We endured 2020 and we survived.

2021 is starting with hope: there is a vaccine. It also starts with the uncertainty of a new administration and the question as to whether the outgoing administration will in fact brief the incoming one on the key issues of Security, Global diplomacy, and the Economy. Vaccine distribution will take a while, but it will get to every American and hopefully the death toll will stop rising soon. The economy appears to be on the mend, but there are still many people out of work and Georgia just hit an all-time high number of applications for initial unemployment benefits. 

At first glance, it looks like more fo the same - but it is not. When the pandemic hit in March of last year we were in a deep uncertainty; we did not know what to expect. We were forced to work with alternative scenarios to map possibilities so we could continue to function in some fashion in an environment we could not predict. Today, there are some uncertainties, but we have a far better idea of what to expect. We know that the mending of the economy and of society will take a while, but we know we are on the way. Government support, which in 2020 needed to be cobbled together in a hurry, will come in 2021 in a more orderly way. Politics will settle back into the normal tug-o-war of politics, down from the frensy it reached during the electoral year of 2020. We will reach the other side... exhausted, in worse shape that we were at the beginning of 2020, but still strong and vibrant. 

Our society will survive COVID; our Democracy will survive the unusual events of 2020. Once things settle down, we will still have our work cut out for us: fixing the social and political divides, reconstructing a hurt economy, and rebuilding trust in the system - not to mention reaching the herd immunity to COVID.

2020 put us through the test of resilience; 2021 will test our patience because the fix will not come overnight. But we will survive. We will overcome the problem. We will thrive!



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