5 2023


7 2023

Watch Third Movie of Augusta Jewish Film Festival: Plan A

12:00AM - 12:00PM  

Contact Stephanie Stafford Ginn

The 3rd movie for Augusta Jewish Film Festival:  Plan A.

The movie begins with the questions, " What if I told you that your family was murdered, for no reason at all?  What would you do?"  This is the story of Max, who in 1945 returns to his hometown in Germany to discover that his family was killed.  He is overcome with grief and hate, and wants revenge.  He ends up joining the Jewish Avenger frooup, Nakam that plots to avenge "an eye for an eye, 6 million for 6 million."  The film is based on the true story of the Jewish Avengers and also deals with the birth of the State of Israel.  Warning:  This film is very graphic and violent, but also a very important film to see. Many moral and ethical questions are raised.  "What would you do?"