5 2023


7 2023

Watch Fourth Movie of Augusta Jewish Film Festival: Xueta Island

12:00AM - 11:00PM  

Contact Stephanie Stafford Ginn

The 4th movie for the Jewish Film Festival-Xueta Isalnd: A Hidden History.

This documentary tells the engaging story of a small group of "crypto Jews" on the Spanish island of Majorca.  In the early 1400s, the Jews of Majorca were subjected to the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition.  Many left, others were murdered in the infamous "autos de fe" and some 15 families converted to Catholicism as "conversos" or "Xuetos."  The Xuetos maintained their own community, and the descendents have been shunned for centuries.  Now, some of them are recognizing their Jewish roots and learning about their heritage, which is also altering the composition of the small community of transplanted Jews.  Beautiful photography.  In English and Spanish with subtitles.