In Augusta, the Federation supports Jewish Family and Children’s Services that provides assistance to individuals and families in need as well as the Augusta Jewish Community Center that provides educational, cultural and social programs for the community. The Augusta Jewish Federation spearheaded efforts to create the Augusta Jewish Community Sunday School.


Federation also supports local and national organizations that provide a meeting place for Jewish students, fight anti-Semitism, feed the hungry and help families with terminally ill children.


At the same time, around the world, our agencies, the Jewish agency for Israel, the American Joint Distribution Committee and World ORT, are rescuing persecuted Jews and airlifting them to safety in Israel, as well as helping new immigrants and children at risk in Israel and helping to feed over 200,000 Jews in the Former Soviet Union. 
Our special yearly appeal for Neve Michael helps at risk children who have been removed from their homes in Israel by court order.
For further information on any of our beneficiaries, please call (706) 228-3636.
Our official name is The Augusta Federation of Jewish Charities and it represents what we have done most and done best: supporting the social, educational, and medical needs of Jews wherever they might be.


Your Federation has and will do much more. Let me share with you some of what we are planning for the months and years ahead.


Your Federation participates in the Institute for Curriculum Services efforts to correct misinformation and lack of balance in textbooks.


Your Federation is promoting the growth of our Endowment for the Future - to preserve Jewish life in Augusta for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.


Your Federation is providing opportunities for young adults and for families to travel to Israel.


Your Federation will continue to keep you apprised, through print material and through speakers, of important political events that affect Israel and the welfare and safety of Jews everywhere.


Finally, your Federation will continue its Annual Campaign and Neve Michael Appeal to preserve our fundamental historic and critical role.
Can your Federation do any of this alone? Of course not. There is no Federation without you. Please call (706) 228-3636 for more information on activities of your Federation or to offer your assistance.